Bullet Journal and Thun: my perfect match for St. Valentine’s day🇬🇧

St.Valentine’s day is hard to find something so special and lovely as a gift like this. I’m talking about a new present that I received by THUN exactly to celebrate this day. The gift is called PANDA IN LOVE, and it’s a special line dedicated all lovers. I shared this unboxing with Emma, as always because she loves a lovely product like this.

The unboxing was funny and she cannot stop talking all the time. She was excited by packaging and didn’t want to unwrap because she didn’t want to wreck the packages. But we did, of course. This was a great inspiration for my bullet journal, in fact, I made a drawing inspired by Panda in love, this is the result…

A lovely mug, a tin box and a Panda in ceramic were there!

Thun is an Italian company that realizes fine ceramics and gifts for special moments. Thun is the perfect gift every time you want to crystallize special moments in life with something that remains in time. This St. Valentine’s day remains always in my mind as something beautiful in 2019. Thanks Thun!