My Cheerz Photobook makes my 2018 more beautiful!🇬🇧

Lots of you just known my addiction for printing my pics and I did it several times in 2018. Moreover, 2018 was the year in which Emma and I started traveling together as a couple (just because Valerio worked most of the time and we didn’t want to spend too much time doing same things in the same place!) and I started my first Bullet Journal as well, so it means I need to use more pics for decorating it.

So when Cheerz sent me the brief for this partnership to launch their Limited edition Photobook 2018, I was very excited. I thought on all the different usages and Photo layouts I could make with it. In fact, this product is really flexible for every kind of needs in order to set-up pics, dimensions, and texts, of course. I didn’t use text into my layout because I’ve decided to create lettering and quotes by myself but you can choose to custom yours as you prefer. Unfortunately, this product is a limited edition that you can reach only on the Smartphone/tablet App ( no desktop) and for a certain period of time. So check it out this product here, I leave you the link to the app (it’s for free of course).

Few steps and you can order this Photobook directly by your phone using Instagram pics indeed. I leave my discount code
VANESSA5 , that allows you to receive 5€ every order more than 10€ spent.

What are you waiting for?