When I printed my Instagram account with LALALAB🇬🇧

What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

I love so much to take pictures, as lots of you. It’s too easy, you just take a smartphone and hard’s part over. But I quit printing photos for many reasons during these years. Just until now, because I discovered a useful app that helps us printing our pics in a faster and easier way. 

This year, in particular, is very special for me because I decided to turn my violin passion and dedication in something social and start running a Facebook and Instagram profile. These photos represent for me more than paper and images, but laughs, fun, stress, cold, warm, noise, practice, attempts, music, screams and shouts, in short, all the best and worst in a musician life.


It always a dream for me to spend time watching beautiful moments taken with my little Emma and Valerio. But this time it’s happened something more special…Emma helped me to unbox the beautiful surprise that #Lalalab gave me. It was a special moment, very funny as well, in which she was very excited and surprised at the cutie gift packaging. 

#Lalalab sent us a high-quality vintage photo prints that we want to use as a decoration, but we didn’t decide exactly for what yet  (She changes is mind all the time)!

Some days back we posted a story on Instagram about the #Lalalab unboxing and many of you have been asking me “How can I print my Instagram pics too?” – It’s super easy, you have to download the Lalalab app (it’s for free) and then you can choose you pics (modify, personalize them as you prefer) and when you drop into the check-out page use my discount code VANESSASANCEZVIOLIN to get 8 € on the first order and 25 % off for the following orders.


Amo molto scattare ed immortalare i miei momenti con delle foto, come molti di voi naturalmente. Poi è così facile farlo dato che basta un cellulare ed il gioco è fatto (scherzo, in realtà non è proprio così…). Purtroppo, causa la mia pigrizia ho smesso di stampare foto qualche anno fa preferendo gli slideshow digitali agli album di fotografie. Questo però solo fino a pochi giorni fa, infatti ho avuto l’occasione di collaborare con un App che ti permette di stampare le tue foto in pochi click e scegliendo la personalizzazione che più ti piace. Io ho scelto un formato mini vintage e l’unboxing indovinate chi l’ha fatto? Esatto, baby Emma. L’applicazione in questione è molto diffusa nel mondo Instagram e si chiama Lalalab. Utilizzarla è semplice, basta scaricarla gratuitamente e iniziare a personalizzare le foto, quindi non vi resta che andare al carrello e se volete beneficiare dello sconto di 8 euro per il vostro primo ordine basta usare il mio codice sconto VANESSASANCEZVIOLIN!


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