Visit Leuca and sleep into an ancient Trullo🇬🇧

We’re accustomed to the beauty around us.

I was born and raised in Apulia region, Italy ( most of you know that!) but that constantly surprise me letting me discover places I never stumble upon before. It seems weird but, we tend to neglect the beauty around us and we’re looking for somewhere new. We took the car and we traveled for almost an hour to reach this amazing small village in the extreme south of the region.  Valerio is getting started a new adventure in a big project called 700000 hours for two months and we want to take advantage to explore this limb of land. Our destination is Gagliano del Capo, a few kilometers from Leuca, a village placed between land and sea. We discover very soon that our accommodation is into an amazing Trullo wading through countryside and sea rocks. A very short coffee and let’s go to reach Palazzo Daniele in the center of Gagliano del Capo

I attended a lesson with my student Melissa from New Zeland and  I settled into a beautiful drawing room in the left wing of the palazzo, a wide space that mixed up the contemporary and ancient style in a perfectly balanced match. 
During my lesson, I can see all the staff works hard to fix every aspect of the 700000 hours project and makes every single corner perfect for the guests. It seems to me so weird to listen to so many languages simultaneously and watch a great chef of hospitality as Thierry Thessier turns a beautiful dimora into a unique place in the world. 

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It’s time to discover sea views and the coast nearby Gagliano del Capo. One of the most popular is “Il Ciolo” bridge, with its stunning view of the sea and rocks. Let’s take a look!!!



  • Spanish assimil course (always practice languages!)
  • Violin and Bach Sonatas and Partitas
  • Updated Spotify playlist
  • A flat pair of shoes


  • La luna di Bacco, a lovely place to eat special local dishes into a small historical center of Gagliano
  • Ristorantino Lo Scalo – Marina di Novaglie, to eat fish in front of the sea

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