Read music on Ipad? Best apps for classical musicians🇬🇧

For every musician is extremely important to read music comfortably and to feel confident about the tools that it uses for everyday practice. Classical musicians need to read music sheets for several hours and need to do it with ease for a bunch of reasons: physical and psychological reasons. 

In this short article, I don’t want to extend my aim to explain my opinion about which method is better ( it’s absolutely peculiar and depend on your habit as a musician) but I want to focus on what are the best tools and apps that a musician can use instead papers sheet, for studying and reading music using new devices.

  • TOMPLAY: Tomplay is an interactive sheet music scrolls automatically on your screen in time with the music. You can choose the audio track you need and press Play to start the interactive score with the music. Also, you can choose your tempo. You can slow down or speed up the tempo of the music with no loss of sound quality, record yourself while you’re playing, take annotation, practice the difficult passages and print your score. The trial is for free but you can access only a few resources. 
  • FORSCORE: You can use this application on Ipad and desktop to display all types of written music from a traditional piano or c-instrument sheet music to just chords and lyrics. The app comes with a fair bit of classical music, and you can buy additional music packs. You can import your personal PDF file into forscore in a very well organized overview. 
  • TIDO: You can revitalize your practice session using this app. Some features are able: auto pages, you can listen to 3 different executions of the same track, write annotations, change tempo and learn some information about the historical background of compositions and composers. It’s for free but it’s for pianist and singers.
  • HENLE LIBRARY: In the Henle Library app you can purchase individual parts, individual works and in some cases even individual movements. With many of the pieces, there are different fingerings by famous artists for you to choose from.  In addition, you can change each individual fingering. In this app you can export in PDF, change the metronome, put your annotations and many other things. You have to pay for.

I hope this article can help you to find a better solution for live sessions and practice session. Most of you can find these new methods for reading music a little uncomfortable at first sight but they could be very practical at a long distance, especially for travelers that need to bring with them several music sheets. 

If you have any suggestions about this topic leave a comment!

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