Best things to do in Ghent-Belgium🇬🇧

A stunning experience between gothic atmosphere and foggy landscapes. Everything in Flanders tends to the sky.

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It’s my second time in Belgium. But it’s my first time in Flanders. And this could be important because, at first sight, everything here could be similar but if you look better can you notice so many facets as an Anversa’s Diamond. In order to appreciate monuments and churches, it’s pretty obvious that Gothic style was so impressive and of course, it was made for that, but the real gem, in my opinion, is the foggy and mysterious atmosphere that you can breathe in every single corner of this region. I’m a south person and I’m accustomed to vivid and sunny light most of the time, so probably for that reason, I’m very sensitive about everything seems barely moody, foggy and dark-side oriented. 



Our trip starts from GHENT (Gand in French) a stunning city in the Flanders region. It’s perfectly dimensioned for the living but also for visiting and traveling. Here we are, my personal chart about what you have to do in Ghent:

  • Chose Old-fashioned accommodation. Yes, it’s a paramount thing for putting yourself into Flanders medieval mood. Everything here recalls historical events and legends and there are several accommodations in the city center perfect to live this magic every single moment of your journey.

  • Enjoy the city the early morning. If you are passionate about cities without tourists and traffic, Ghent in the morning is the perfect place for you. In fact, you will see that people there are few people in the streets and the atmosphere is very calm and tranquil. Perfect to take pics in street corners and monuments.
  • Visit the Castel of Gravensteen is a must here and I did it of course. I admit that it was a beautiful experience and time just flew very fast during the visit. It’s perfect for children for a lot of suggestions and inspirational things inside of it.


  • Take a break with a waffle is mandatory in Belgium. So don’t miss to taste waffle street food during your strolls. I love it with Nutella. And you?
  • Go up to the Belfry. Don’t be afraid for the stairs, there’s no prob you can get the elevator most of the time and you can see one of the most stunning views on the city. It’s a pity for the ticket, it’s quite expensive. (8eurosX1)
  • Drink beers not only water. Beers here are so cheap that you can avoid to drink them as a water everytime you can. Moreover, they taste so good that it’s a pleasure to do that. Creek and white are my favorites.
  • Eat local dishes, spare ribs or soups. They are really tasty and match perfectly with the climate and help you to discover local habits and atmosphere.

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Ho scoperto un tesoro gotico in questo road trip nelle Fiandre, fatto di paesaggi lineari e di tinte piatte. Mi ha emozionato molto scoprire come questo periodo dell'anno rispecchi perfettamente l'atmosfera di questi luoghi  fiabeschi e così contemporanei. Il nostro viaggio è partito da Gand, città che non mi aspettavo così vitale e che invece mi ha colpito per il dinamismo e la pacata attività tra le strade. Abbiamo proseguito verso Bruges, assalita durante una domenica di street food tipico nella piazza del Markt, e sonnolenta e freddissima il lunedì dopo. Inaspettatamente abbiamo raggiunto Mons ( non ci speravamo in realtà) che è forse il posto che mi rimarrà più impresso per la sua Cattedrale gotica visitata di sera, poco prima della chiusura, in totale solitudine e con il centro storico praticamente deserto. . . . . . . I discovered a gothic treasure on this road trip in Flanders, made of linear landscapes and flat colors. I was very excited to find out how this time of the year perfectly reflects the atmosphere of these fairy-tale places and so contemporary at the same time. Our journey started from Ghent, a city that I did not expect so vital and that instead struck me for the dynamism and the quiet activity in the streets. We continued towards Bruges, assaulted on a Sunday of typical street food in the Markt square, and sleepy and very cold on Monday. Unexpectedly, we've reached Mons (we were not hoping for it really) that is perhaps the place that will remain imprinted in my mind for its Gothic Cathedral visited in the deep evening, just before closing time, in total solitude and with the historical center practically deserted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Discovering Flanders . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • Castel of Gravensteen (10 euro x1- children free) 
  • Cathedral of St.Bavo
  • St Nicholas Church
  • The Belfry
  • Graffiti street
  • St. Michael Church
  • Vrijdagmarkt


We ate here:

AMADEUS spare ribs a volontè

KLOKHUIS typical Belgium dishes

Our accommodation:

B&B Logies Onderland