Traditional Method vs Suzuki Method: some advices for young violinists

When you start your journey with violin most of the time you have to face the big question about the method you want to use, especially if you are a total beginner. Often the choices are two: traditional method or Suzuki method?

As far as I’m concerned both these methods have some pros and cons and it’s really important to understand the attitude and the age of student individually, but we can list some general aspects valid for the majority of the students.

For kids (age 3-6)

The Suzuki method is the best way to start play violin without worries. With this method you can manage memorization skill and ability to find rhythm inside yourself and you don’t have to focus your attention on theoretical right now. The young musician can learn melodies by ears and put the his attention on hands position and right body posture. It’s really important in this phase to adopt a great posture by the teacher during the lesson that encourages the student to imitate him. Goals to achieve: relaxed posture, confidence with bow and violin, right body balance, rhythm, memory.


For kids ( age 7- 10)

Suzuki method ( 70%) + traditional Method (30%) is a pretty good combination in the majority of the cases. After a first short period in which you’ll be talking about independence of arms and body, it’s time to talk about notation and sounds production. In this phase traditional method it’s very useful to learn the theoretical and the importance of repetition to master violin.

For students from 10 to 99

Personally, I prefer to start with traditional method and I match the Suzuki not until 8/10 lessons. It seems weird but I’ve noticed during these years that the simultaneous usage of two different methods can create some confusion, especially if you’re talking about total beginners. So for this reason, I think it’s better to put more attention and efforts on repetition and theoretical and then start playing some easy songs (but in these case reading the music notes, not just by ears). For adults posture is mandatory and it’s kind of a big deal.


If you are a teacher in the bottom there’s a list of my favorite method combination. If you are a student, I’m happy for you, because you’re going to start a such amazing experience with music!

Traditional book for beginners:
Curci Alberto: Fundamental Technique of the violin part 1
Curci Alberto: 20 Elementary Studies
Laoureaux Nicolas:  École pratique du violon part 1
Schininà: Scales and arpeggios

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