Discovering my CUBE MINI NEO 2.0 sound system wireless🇬🇧

I love to publish a short live session on my FB and IG account with violin and there’s nothing better than receive as a gift a couple of speakers like these. The quality of sound is mandatory and in my opinion, bad sound changes completely the approach to music in general. So for these reasons I’m not in love with smartphones and similar but I know that is the most common way to listen to music ( especially videos!). Headphones match perfectly when you are in public or on the run, but to appreciate music next level speakers are the best choice that you could make.

In my case, when @wavemastersound asks me to collaborate with them and sent me these speakers I was enthusiastic because it was perfect for the types of contents that I’ve decided creating next weeks. At first, I was searching for something that allows me to play along with my violin in a comfortable way, using my usual sets (dark walls or flat lays in every possible way!!!:)) and simultaneously was efficient and with a not-invasive style. This way, I could include them in my set without any difficulty.


But, let’s get to the features!!!

The first thing that surprises me when I started this unboxing was the super-lightweight. The speakers CUBE MINI NEO 2.0 are easy to drag and drop. The set-up is really quick because the passages are few and the instructions very clear and specific. Dimensions of two are perfect if you decided to put them by the computer monitor ( they occupy a little space on the desk!) as I did. But I ran some tests in the kitchen and the style is suggestive. I tried the sound with cables connection ( in the box there is 1 cable connector for mobile devices and another for work station) and was impressive for the stable and powerful sound. But they do their best in the wireless mode because the sound quality remains the same but space is too cozy and you can change device using Bluetooth easily. Such a perfect thing!

I chose the Bamboo design (very modern and Nordic) but there are two other versions ( black or white). There is a lot of attention for design details, angles are rounded and there’s an essential control panel. Moreover, in the box, you can find a remote control with two batteries included so you can change tracks lying on the couch or sitting on the floor :)!