BTS Winter’s Shooting + sheet music

Caminar sopra il ghiaccio, e a passo lentoPer timor di cader girsene intenti;

Gir forte Sdrucciolar, cader a terraDi nuovo ir sopra ‘l ghiaccio e correr forte

Sin ch’il ghiaccio si rompe, e si disserra;Sentir uscir dalle ferrate porteScirocco, Borea, e tutti i venti in guerra

Quest’è ‘l verno, ma tal, che gioia apporte.



When I thought about playing Vivaldi seasons, I started thinking about what’s my favorite of them and my first answer was Winter, 3rd movement, I guess. OMG it’s hard to decide because I have to split my judgment in two: one hand there’s the violin technique and everything it means, on the other hand there’s the pure listening as a simple listener. The latter is more complicated when you play for so long, because it’s quite easy to lose some freshness and spontaneous approach on classical tunes. It’s really common to think about some pieces as a pieces of paper, bunch of sheets, notes, fingering tips and so forth…

Then, some days ago, I wanted to record some paramount violin classics but I didn’t want to play just some snippets of them but complete tracks. These kind of idea requires a lot of efforts and time then other music videos that I made before. At first, my big aim was to recreate a gloomy atmosphere, a winter’s mood, in which the sound is a sort of description of an intimate state of living.
I love so much to merge meditative and cozy mood with my classical musician routine, these 2 parts complete each other most of the time and inspire me to find new camera views, lightnings and sound of course. Sometimes I found myself staring at beautiful images, just because they evokes me a sort of beautiful state of mind.

Today I’m going to launch the 3rd movement of Winter by Antonio Vivaldi. A lots of you ask me about sheet music. I used to find sheets music on the Internet for free( but I love to practice reading original papers as well), I put the link of this sheet below and don’t esitate to comment and share if you like.

This is the sheet music




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