A trip to Ferrara: some ideas for discovering this Italian city🇬🇧

“Even in a city as small as Ferrara, you can manage, if you like, to disappear for years and years, one from another, living side by side like the dead”

― Giorgio Bassani

Talking about Ferrara is a little bit weird for me because I never thought to visit this small city during this year. Basically, I didn’t expect anything about this trip and it has been arranged in a few days, as always because Valerio and I have to take a small trip in January and February every year. But I have to change my mind about a small trip in the Italian province! It’s the best choice you can take when you decide to visit Italy and discover the real Italian culture. In fact, the Padania Flat is so different from my homeland Apulia and from all the mainstream destinations proposed by the large majority of tour operators abroad.

Piazza della Cattedrale Ferrara

First of all, we visited the beautiful city center on a rainy morning in which we take comfort with a delicious lunch at Osteria dei 4 Angeli. We tasted some typical Ferrara dishes, such as local cured meats and ripened cheeses, tortelloni with pumpkin and ragĂą sauce, tagliatelle and lamb chops. Everything combined with a glass of Sangiovese. Sweet dessert: chocolate salame with zuppa Inglese

It’s mandatory to visit the huge House of Este belonged to Estense Family, a beautiful example of the historical importance of Ferrara during the Renaissance. Nowadays it’s possible to visit all the castle with a guide and discover more about the Estense family and their habits.

The city center is tranquil and is possible to ride a bike to reach every place if the wheater is good (as you can see in my pic!). Nearby the Castle you can find the statue of the monk Girolamo Savonarola, very close to this beautiful building in the bottom. For the second day, we chose to eat in another typical Hostaria called Savonarola and tasted the Salama da Sugo and Cappelletti in Brodo. So delicious!!!

Our accommodation at Maxxim Hotel and Suites was in the historic center. Easy to find and with a wonderful breakfast room, surrounded by glasses and olive trees mixed with dark-red stones of the buildings, it was a perfect option to discover the city.

Maxxim hotel and suite